After last year’s successful summer camp, we’ve decided to go bigger and better for 2023!

We will approach the program the same way we did last year: the kids will be involved in all the activities required to make a musical theatre performance; from set design and costume making to singing, dancing and even scripting! We’re still deciding on the music, but we want to have it on a revue format, which will give us a lot more options for everyone to get their own solo (if they’re comfortable with it).

The program will be 2 weeks long, but we’ll make it 4h/day instead of 3. After 2 weeks of intense work, we will have a performance at Ames City Auditorium.

Everybody will be welcome to do as much as they feel comfortable with; roles will be decided and assigned by the program coordinator, but we will take into account students’ preferences and whether or not they want to sing solos. We will also have place for kids who want to learn, sing, dance and have a great time, but don’t feel comfortable on the stage. As with everything at Lott Music Studio, our main goal is to learn and have fun, accepting student’s boundaries and making sure music doesn’t become a burden or a chore.

Everyday there will be plenty of different activities to keep it fun and light! There will be a voice warm up, a role rehearsal, staging rehearsal, costume design, set design…

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