You will gain the tools of healthy singing through breathing techniques and body alignment.

Much of our teaching for voice focuses on building a good base for healthy singing. This means letting go and using your body in the most natural and beneficial way. To achieve healthy singing, you need to learn about using your body in the most efficient way. Your body is your instrument after all. We will focus on various alignment and movement exercises in tandem with breathing and breath control. This leads to tone production and how to achieve a healthy sound without tension or force. The goal of these lessons is how to sing in a free and healthy manner, allowing you to sing for many years to come.

With song comes text. Part of these lessons will also focus on the interpretation and pronunciation of text in song, regardless of the language. We will work on how the sounds we make turn into words, how the various languages may function, and how to interpret and express the music without restraint.

There are many places and ways to sing. To further your abilities, we can also focus on lessons in sight singing, ear training and/or theory at your request. Improving your sight singing and ear training can greatly aid in singing in group settings like in a choir or production. Understanding the theory will help you understand the music. To better understand the change in mood, color, or the style of the songs you are singing. Enquire about different options!

Here at Lott Music Studio, we want you to enjoy your lessons with us! We aim to have a welcoming and open atmosphere to include you and your needs in your lessons. We will work with you to achieve your goals, to motivate you to learn something new, to help you understand what we are working on, and to give you the confidence to make music freely. Your lesson will be tailored to you!

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Beginner students typically focus on how to use your body and create a healthy sound. Based on your age, abilities, goals… we can recommend different exercises and repertoire that will best suit your needs. The approach is methodical, but the aim is to reach an instinctive and second nature to healthy singing. All this sounds very challenging, but with a little dedication and practice, you can get far.

For intermediate students, a more in-depth assessment will be made to pick pieces, studies and exercises to build your skills. There will be a strong focus on the technique, but we will also work on your approach to singing and how to achieve your musical expression for each individual style. To better express your music, we will also focus more on text and getting your intention across without sacrificing your good technique.

If you are an advanced singer and are preparing for an upcoming performance, audition or exam, or you just want to polish certain aspects of your technique, we also have something for you. You can bring the pieces you are working on, or we can select your repertoire together. With these songs, we will focus more on understanding the style, the use of colors, the use of the text to best further your performance… We will help you elevate your singing to the level you desire.


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