During the first 45 minutes, we will have a group lesson. We will review different chords and strum patterns and we’ll apply them to different songs that we will then play during the second hour.

Ukulele is a very easy to learn instrument. Anyone (regardless their experience and knowledge of ukulele) will be able to follow the lesson.

After this we will have a little 15 minute snack and coffee break before starting the Play Along.

During the play along, we will be playing through different ukulele songs for fun (if you have some ukulele experience, you can join the second half without attending the first half).

We have a few available ukuleles to borrow for the lesson and play along for those who would like to try before purchasing their own ukulele.

Upcoming dates:

  • Saturday, December 10th @ 10:00am

  • Saturday, January 14th @ 10:00am

  • Saturday, February 11th @ 10:00am

  • Saturday, March 11th @ 10:00am

  • Saturday, April 8th @ 10:00am

Ukulele Group

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Kylee Gehl

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